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NameAlternate NameYears
Adelaise of BulsanoAdelaise di Bulsanofl. early 14th cent.
Adelheid (of K√∂nigsfelden) fl. early 14th cent.
Adelheid (of Linnich)Adelheid von Linnichfl. mid 15th cent.
Adelheid (of Regensburg) fl. c. 1300
Adelheid (of Ulm)Adelaidfl. later 13th cent.
Adelheid Mayer fl. early 15th cent.
Adelheid of EnsingenAdelheit von Ensingenfl. early 14th cent.
Adelheid of HallwylAdelheid von Hallwylfl. late 14th cent.
Adelheid of LobhausAdelheid von Lobhausfl. later 13th cent.
Adelheid of SulzbergAdelheid von Sulzbergfl. later 13th cent.
Adelheid of TengenAdelheid von Tengenfl. mid 14th cent.
Adelheid of WatwilerAdelheid von Watwilerfl. later 13th cent.
Adelheid Rumenkessel fl. c. 1350
Adelheidis fl. late 13th cent.
Adia Costabili fl. later 15th cent.
Adraxa Carboni fl. 1308
Adriana of CortonaAdriana di Cortonafl. c. 1292
Aegidia (of Beyries) fl. c. 1270
Aegidia (of Cosenza) fl. early 14th cent.
Aelidis of ArnavillaAelidis d'Arnavillafl. c. 1300?
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Nota Bene! Most names will appear first in their English forms (for example Clare, Joan, Margaret, Maria etc.). In some cases, other forms have been preferred (Claire/Chiara, Jeanne, Marguerita, Marie etc.). The user is advised to check for these latter forms if the English form does not show up in the list.
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